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With the Chop commerce platform, restaurants can now offer personalized attention, and easy payment options to every customer. Chop helps businesses turn first-time visitors, into loyal customers.

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1. Start the free trial

Select stores can begin a free 30-day trial today. Our sales representative will help you get everything set up, and ready to go.

2. Choose which mobile services

Chop is a complete mobile solution, that includes everything from web, to voice activation. You can decide which mobile services you want made available to your customers. Don’t worry, you can always add more later.

3. Stress-free setup

Chop takes care of the initial setup, and provides in-store and online training. You can update your menu, and make changes through our cloud-based services.

4. Understand customer insights, for better service

Through Chop’s customer insight tool, you can engage with your top customers, and receive tips about what works and what doesn’t.